Q Magazine December 1989 Issue 39 Bob Dylan cover

Q Magazine December 1989 Issue 39 Bob Dylan cover

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Q Magazine - Bob Dylan cover (December 1989 - Issue 39)

Good condition

Albert Goldman
- 3 pages

Bob Dylan - Welcome to "The Never-Ending Tour". For the profoundly legendary 48-year-old song-and-dance merchant in the top-security dressing room, it has become a way of life. He is perverse and inscrutable, detesting publicity, permanently hounded by the press, regarded by even his own entourage with fear and bemusement. As Bob Dylan's new album wins him more acclaim and success in Britain than he's enjoyed for a decade, Adrian Deevoy spends two extraordinary weeks running him to ground
9 pages

- Your fans are fiercely loyal but always "with an aura of love and gentleness". You're being sued by two former band members but accept it as "par for the course". You're a staunch supporter of the slighted, the lonely, the misunderstood - people, in fact, much like yourself. You are Morrissey and you're talking to Mat Snow
5 pages

Frank Zappa
- 6 pages

Curved Air / Doll By Doll
- "Where are they now?"
half page

Neneh Cherry
- 3 pages

The Wedding Present - 2 pages

Smoke On The Water - 5 pages

Christy Moore - 2 pages