Honey, Chamomile & Lavender Soap.
Honey, Chamomile & Lavender Soap.
Honey, Chamomile & Lavender Soap.

Honey, Chamomile & Lavender Soap.

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Pure Organic, Honey Soap with Chamomile & Lavender.

Using pure 100% essential Aromatherapy oils, Chamomile & Lavender with pure organic honey. The soap is excellent for skin eruptions.  Chamomile & Lavender soothing effects, gently cleansing sensitive skin, whilst softening and soothing the skin.

The combination of chamomile, lavender and pure organic honey aids to a moisturised and clear complexion. Keeping skin hydrated. Organic lavender essential oil protects and combats irritations, while it contributes to skin recovery.

Our Natural Pure Organic Honey Soap is made with organic pure honey. It is a natural antibacterial cleanser.  

The Honey, Chamomile & Lavender Soap is very gentle to the skin, with no colour added.  This rich soap base contains natural antioxidants from honey ideal for containing moisture in the skin as well as soothing and softening the skin, and is a super natural antibacterial cleanser. 
Excellent for cleansing and keeping the skin moisturised, leaving a soft smooth texture. Just 100% pure natural chamomile & lavender essential oil and Organic Pure Honey.

Organic Pure Honey, Aromatherapy 100% Essential Oils (Chamomile, Lavender). Coconut Oil, Glycerin, Aqua,  (Sorbitol-Natural Sugar).

Free From: (SLS Free -Sodium lauryl sulfate. SL Free - sodium laureth sulfate.  Paraben Free, and MPG free, No Palm Oil, Sodium WSLS Free.
  • No artificial colouring. 
Natural in it’s honey colour
  • Good foaming
  • Excellent moisturising from a high glycerine content which provides a pleasant skin feel
  • Honey soothes and nourishes
  • Excellent Cleansing Formulation
Weight: Approx 100 grams.

Natural Pure Honey Soap. Eco Friendly, Vegan and Not Tested on Animals.

External use only. 
Please perform a sample test on the skin for any adverse reaction, discontinue immediately if there is an allergic reaction.