Buddha Art by Karmen, Large A1 poster

Buddha Art by Karmen, Large A1 poster

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Buddha Flowers by Karmen (Painted January 2012),

All Rights Reserved.  
Young Buddha embracing the kindred spirit of flowers. 'Open your mind to silence and embrace the blossoming flowers within'

Very Large Poster Print
Size A1 594 x 841 mm. 115gsm.

A limited edition print signed by Karmen with a certificate of authenticity.  
The prints are (unframed/unmounted).

The original oil painting on canvas is part of the Absolute Buddha Bliss Exhibition.

My art is inspired with spiritual love and the belief of a sacred life after this earthbound journey.

I turn my art into prints because the giving, or receiving can mean so much to someone.

You will see, and hopefully enjoy the unique collection of Buddha prints I created in celebrating the journey of tranquility and inner peace.

Buddha Posters.
For you to give as a token gift,
For you to treasure and remember,
For you to meditate with in the stillness of your mind.
For you to engage in spiritual visualization.

The Buddha poster prints are ideal for displaying/placing in your environmental space.

To remind you to, reflect and reach into the calm of your mind, and in turn embrace the journey of life with love, laughter and compassion.

Beautiful, high quality poster prints, with Buddha

Each Buddha is designed to be a keepsake, therefore is of very high quality.