1971 One Penny Coin
1971 One Penny Coin
1971 One Penny Coin

1971 One Penny Coin

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1971 Original "New Penny" 1pence Coin RARE Collectors Coin Great Condition.

One New Pence, Year 1971. Origin U.K.

The "NEW PENCE" came into production in the first year of 1971 in the U.K.

Why so highly collectable?

The 1971 new pence is rare and highly sought after, being the first new pence coins to be introduced to the UK after decimalisation

The year 1971 the first year of this production run. It Is considered extremely rare and is a highly collectable by the serious coin collector.

This was when the UK switched from using old currency to the system we use today so they are rare. These coins also feature the second portrait of the Queen to appear on a coin The Queen is wearing the Girls of Great Britain and Ireland Tiara.
Issue Date 15th February 1971

Observe Designers
Portrait of Her Majesty the Queen 
1971-1984 Arnold Machin

Reverse Designer
1971-2008 - Christopher Ironside

Produced between 1971 and 1982.

Year: 1971
Origin: U.K.
Condition: Excellent