Recharging Crystals. The Crystal Moon Bath.

Crystal Moon Bath.

I've received a number of requests' on how I recharge my crystals.

The Crystal Moon Bath is a good intention ritual, which you may wish to follow.

As a Reiki Master & crystal practitioner, I cleanse and recharge my crystals under the light of the full moon.

My crystal recharging ritual is as follows:

1. Moon Bath. Place your crystals in a bowl, add tepid running water and slightly cover the surface of the crystals with good intention.

2. Place your crystals in the garden, under the moonlight of a Full Moon.

3. The recharging ritual enables the crystals to charge with the light of the Moon, amplifying their energy and metaphysical healing properties.

4. I prefer to leave outside for a Full Moon and Sun recharge, the full Moon & Solar cycle, (Please note, Do not include all crystals, as clear crystal quartz reacts to heat and may catch fire).