Welcome to Chic Antiques and Curio's

Enter into the charming and timeless world of Chic Antiques & Curio's.

Where you will find a collection of our very own creative art, upcycled furniture, soy wax candles, fragrances, home interiors, gifts include vegan bathbombs and soaps, antiques, we stock beautiful items.

Painting Workshop Technicques, such as our very own Vintage Chair Makeover, where you choose the chair, colour of the paint and fabric from our  collection, on completion, the chair is yours to take home with you after the one day course is complete.

Home Interiors,
Objet d'art collectables
Antique Furniture
Antique writing slopes
Vintage furniture along with items of vintage beauty.
Vegan Soaps and Jumbo Bath Bombs
Workshops, painiting techniqes etc.

Glamorous and charming; this is the Chic Antiques & Curio's Antiques look.
If you prefer to update your furniture, we can paint it.

We are new to Earlsdon and our quirky two storey building is based at:

The Old Dairy,
The Rear, 101 Moor Street,

Our stock recycles so fast that in no one month will the showrooms look the same, and as every item is unique and difficult to replace, clients are advised to trust their intuition when they see an object that calls to them.

Chic Antiques & Curio's world is shabby chic upcycled and based on researching and collecting fine antiques and collectables.

Solid Hardwork Ethic.

The light hearted and often whimsical style of Chic Antiques & Curio's is not to be taken lightly, the anchor of the business is spent on studying the literature and  conducting professisonal research pertaining to each item.

The long hours spent creating and maintaining a high quality stock of vintage items and curio's is at the heart of the business.

If upcycling vintage collectables is not your style, check out our gift corner.

Our online business is now open, and the Dairy where we work, is available by appointment at this stage, as we're busy installing and placing the signage.

Chic Antiques and Curio's