Birthstone Crystal Sets, Zodiac Birthstone Sets.

 Birthstone Crystal Sets by Karmen

Karmen has created bespoke cards of each sign of the zodiac with a set of birthstone crystal sets

There are six crystals to each set.

All the crystals/tumbstones are Grade AAA and 15-20mm in size,

Included within each set.

Birthsign Card with Envelope.
You will find the relevant Birthsign Card, included in the set, left blank inside for your own message with envelope, Artwork by Karmen.

Information Booklet
Guide explaining the meaning of each crystal/tumble stone.

Guidance on:

  • How to cleanse your crystals/tumble stones by using sage smudge
  • How to recharge your crystals during the full moon cycle,
  • How to connect with the vibration of each crystal.

I’m a Reiki & Chakra Crystal practitioner and personally clear, charge, and infuse Reiki energy into each crystal and precious stone necklace and pendant I design and create.

Love & Light,